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Today I want to talk about a very important aspect when it comes to building your own online business. And that is Results. It prevents so many people from getting started because they don´t see their own skills and they don´t think they have anything to share that´s valuable.

Let´s say you bought a product about list building and after you viewed that course and implemented what Guru A taught you there, you learned how to drive traffic. Let´s say you bought a course that´s called “Solo Ad mastery” and Guru B is telling where to buy the best solo ads and how to get a good ROI. (Return of investment)

Most people don´t realize it: Now you know two things: How to build a list – and a good course about that contains how to create landingpages as well – and you know how to drive traffic to your landingpages to build that list. And do you know what you have now? Right! An own online business! If you do it the right way, and you treat your list well, you can now put people in front of affiliate offers, over and over again – a small percentage will always buy – and bam! You´ll make some money. Little hint here: Offer + Traffic to this offer = sales. There is not much more to it!

Do you think somebody who starts today is interested in what you just learned? Of course! You could make a short freebie out of it and give it away in exchange for their eMail-addresses. And I´m talking about two courses here! What if you buy one each month? You will learn so much, that other people will see you as an expert. Suddenly you are the guru!

And that is why everybody is telling you that you have to learn and grow! They are right! But don´t make the mistake almost everybody does: Please implement what you´ve learned! Don´t just learn! You know there are people out there who are chasing the next big traffic product or the next social media strategy and they never really implement what they learned.

I want to give you one last big advice for this week´s post – and that might surprise you: Your results are irrelevant! What do I mean? We all are responsible to get our businesses up and running. I´m working as an affiliate for probably the most successful business out there, you know thousands of regular people making a lot of money with this.

The founder of this system created a video where he explains why it is not important to have own results in order to show people how to build a business. I know that sounds weird, but please take a moment and watch the video below to see what I mean. And you know this really can make a difference for you, because you will see that whole problem with different eyes

Alright, guys. Thanks for listensing and reading and keep your eyes open for next weeks eMail. I will invite you to read the next post on next monday again… You´re not on my list yet? Just click on the banner on the right side, grab a freebie and join my list right now! You will not regret it I promise!

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Here is the video, i´m talking about above:

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