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Now, let´s talk about the first task you should do, when you start your own (online) business…

The very first task my coach wanted me to do when he started mentoring me, is to set my goals. What do I want to achieve? What car do I want to drive? What kind of house do I want to have? How should a typical day look like?

It is one thing to know your goals. The other thing is WHY you want to achieve them. If you know your “WHY´s” then you always will find a way to the “HOW” – you maybe heard that quote before.

One very important thing: Your goals determine the quality of your life. Why is that? Well, if your goal is to have an income of $50.000 per year, you don´t have to do that much (more) to catch that goal. Lots of the things in your life can stay as they are right now. You maybe can stay in your job (if you are in a job right now) and you just need to do some extra work to get to that goal.

But what if you want to earn $50.000 per MONTH??? Then the way you have to go is different. You probably have to change a lot of things in your life. You maybe want to consider finding a better paid job, or even quit your job and found your own company (That would be a wise idea if you had that amount as a goal)

So the steps are different, you´ll have to do other, more exciting things and would have to stretch yourself more. Your way to that goal and your life would be more interesting. Easier? Certainly not! More exciting? Hell, Yeah!!!

Let me tell you about two of my main goals that came to my mind as my coach gave me that task: 1. I did not want to work on one spot – I wanted to be able to work WHERE I want. 2. I wanted to work WHEN I want. I like to do things on one day and work very focused and plan ahead for one week, so that I have time for other things.

So the most important things are done on that day and I can keep and I can keep things easier for the rest of the week…

So: my “job” needs to run after my terms – I don´t want a job where I am told what to do.

Of yourse I have other goals: more time with my wife and son. More holidays, my 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, a Harley Davidson Fat Boy, more time to get fit, and a lot more…

So, I listed everything up, and wrote my why´s next to every single goal I wanted to achieve. The next task was to read those goals every single day and to visualize how it would feel to have those things in my life.

I know now: I cannot live if I won´t reach those things. Even if it takes 20 years: I will reach every single thing on that damn “sheet of paper” (I have it on my iPhone)

I want to invite you to do the same. And ask yourself WHY you want those things.

BTW, one way to reach your goals can be the program I use as well. You can reach it HERE

If you have questions, please ask! I´m here to help! You can contact me over the menu above or just comment this post…

Thanks guys!

Chat next week,