Welcome to this Blogpost. Today the post is not a traditional one – It´s more like a video-blog blogpost.

I thought why not creating videos and post them on my blog where I show you some cool things as well? Sometimes it is way easier to show something in a presentation rather than writing something…

So, todays video is about how you can get your eMails send out for free.

Free solo ads!

If you are in the industry for a while you probably know what a solo ad is: You give away an eMail to somebody who has a big and targeted eMail-list and then the guy is sending out that eMail in exchange for cash – of course the email contains a link to your offer or a link to an affiliate offer.

But there are ways to send out that eMail for free. You can learn how that works, if you watch the video below:

Thanks guys,

Have fun with that video – See you next week!

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