Hi Guys!

Welcome to this blogpost. Today I want to tell you more about my brand new free video training and what you can expect from it.

It´s a 4-part video training and I designed it to make it as easy as possible for newbies to get started with their own online business – if you are experienced that´s fine, but I´m sure you´ll learn new things also!

You know? Most people fail online, because they´re overwhelmed and because there are just too many things they think about! This training gives you the essence of what you need. Follow this training and you´ll have everything in the palm of your hand to make your first commissions online!

What do you need to create commissions online? If you want to sell something and make money from those sales, you need an offer, right? Most people cannot create their own products. How could they if they´re just staring out? And that´s where affiliate marketing comes in place. You´re selling digital products that you didn´t create and you get a commission after you made a sale. That´s probably not new for you, right?

What is new, is the offer I´m suggesting in my free training. In the first video I´m telling you what you should promote to make money online. Of course you can promote products on amazon or clickbank. But if you do, you don´t get paid on the backend! Did you know that some clickbank vendors have masterminds and coachings in place and that they are making thousands of dollars after the sale you made for them? In video one I´m showing you how you can get those backend sales as well and how you can make high ticket commissions!

Video 2 in the free series is all about the perfect landing page. Yes you can promote the landing pages that come with what you are promoting, but then you´re not building your own list! You are building the list of the system you are promoting. I´m showing you how you can make 50% of your visitors opting in to your list and I´m showing you, how you can leverage the offer you are promoting to use it as a free gift that people want to sign in for. And I´m giving you my best working headlines and the full copy for your landing pages also.

Video 3 is about traffic! This is a big issue for beginners. In this video, I´m showing you an awesome traffic source where you can get visitors for 30-50 cents per click. And I´m talking about targeted visitors! You don´t need people who will not buy from you anyway. And you don´t want them to be on your list! Of course you can use free traffic methods also, but if you want to scale up your business fast, there´s no way around paid traffic!

In the final video, I´m showing you how you can add highly valuable bonuses to you affiliate offers to boost your conversions to the max, I´ll talk about the results you can achieve with the system I´m also promoting and I´m talking about what I can do for you to get you on track very fast!

So: I suggest you click on the banner next to this post and sign up for your free training right now! You have nothing to lose but everything to win! If you are on soundcloud, click on the link in the description to visit my blog. If you are on my blog already, just click on the banner and sign in on the next page! Allright? Thanks for listening guys. I hope you liked this podcast and I look forward to get in touch with you!
See you then! Bye-bye!