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Author: Timo Dygryn

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Hi Guys, welcome to this blogpost! Using social media to connect with customers, increase your online exposure, and boost your SEO are all great reasons to include social media in your internet marketing strategies. But, having too many social media profiles can dilute your brand and make it difficult to keep up with your marketing efforts. While major corporations can get away with paying a marketing team to stay up to date with every social media platform available, this may not be an option for your business. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, you should focus on two, three...

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Promote Your Emails With FREE Solo Ads

  Welcome to this Blogpost. Today the post is not a traditional one – It´s more like a video-blog blogpost. I thought why not creating videos and post them on my blog where I show you some cool things as well? Sometimes it is way easier to show something in a presentation rather than writing something… So, todays video is about how you can get your eMails send out for free. Free solo ads! If you are in the industry for a while you probably know what a solo ad is: You give away an eMail to somebody who...

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Why your results are irrelevant – you still can teach others how to make money

  Hi Guys, Welcome to this second post here on Today I want to talk about a very important aspect when it comes to building your own online business. And that is Results. It prevents so many people from getting started because they don´t see their own skills and they don´t think they have anything to share that´s valuable. Let´s say you bought a product about list building and after you viewed that course and implemented what Guru A taught you there, you learned how to drive traffic. Let´s say you bought a course that´s called “Solo Ad...

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Why setting your Goals is so important

  Welcome to the first Blogpost here on! I´m glad you´re here. In the next couple of months and probably years to come I will write a new Blogpost every week (maybe twice a week – we´ll see…) I planned to publish it on Mondays, so if you are on my list, check your inbox on Mondays – if not: on the right side you´ll find some sort of banner that leads to my newsletter – as a thank you gift, you can get a free report or video as well… Now, let´s talk about the first task...

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