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Author: Timo Dygryn

Video Marketing – Smart Lav+ Microphone

Hi Guys! Welcome to this Tools – Video! The RODE Smart Lav+ is just an awesome microphone, if you want to get a great sound in your videos – especially if you´re just starting out and when are on a tight budget. I did some recordings in my car and outside with it – just a great sound there as well… I hope this helps… Chat soon,...

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Millionaire Mindset – Are you a Duck or an Eagle?

Hi Guys! Welcome to this “Millionaire Mindset” – Video! Are you a duck or are you an eagle? If you don´t know what I´m talking about, just watch this video. A little hint here: if you lead your life like an eagle you will never have to worry about boundaries or limitations ever again because there will be none! Talk soon,...

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