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Author: Timo Dygryn

Improve your ranking on youtube and start a challenge! (Ranking Check)

Hi Guys! Welcome to this Video! Today I want to show you our new YT-Ranking and Challenge Tool. Iy you want to improve your YouTube Ranking and start a challenge with your friends, then this tool is the way to go! With YT-Score, that you can use for free, you will always know for which keywords your videos are ranked high on youtube and more importantly why! Check out the video! Talk soon,...

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Video Marketing Building your own teleprompter for under 50 bucks

Hi Guys! Welcome to this Video! An own TELEPROMPTER for under 50 bucks? Yes that´s possible and not hard to build. In this Video I´m showing you how you can do it. All you need is a speaker stand, some laths, a bit fabric and a piece of glass. And an iPhone or iPad plus app of course. See equipment I use here Have fun with building your own one! Talk soon,...

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How to build your Affiliate Marketing Business – No excuses – No boundaries

Hi Guys! Welcome to this Video! Today I´m talking about how easy it is to build your own Affiliate Marketing Business. Just pick a high converting offer, drive Traffic to it and you´re done. Driving traffic is also a lot easier than it used to be. Just take video marketing – there is no excuse these days. We all have everything we need to start. Thanks for watching and see you soon,...

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Affiliate Marketing – How much money do you need to invest?

Hi Guys! Welcome to this Video! You don´t need much money to start your affiliate marketing business. But without any money it cannot work also. Compare an online business with an offline business and you´ll see that there can be only one way to build a business these days. With an online business you only need to concentrate on marketing – and on not much more… Talk soon,...

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