My name is Timo Dygryn I´m from Germany, born in 1977, husband and father of a son.

In the middle of 2014 I met my coach and after endless tries to convince him to mentor me, he finally said “yes”. Today I´m still working very closely to him – Most of the ideas you see on this blog I learned from him. He guides me through the good days and the bad once – And I had a lot of those!

Is it easy to make a living in the online-marketing niche? Well, it is easier than most people think. The steps are easy to understand and you don´t have to be a “tech-guy” either, since there are tools that do the work for you – But when you see all the steps in an overview, it seems to be a lot of work… and it is!

What do we need? We need Opt-in-pages, freebies, products and services, sales-pages, the right eMails to send to your list, a blog, plugins … and when all of this is ready we need Traffic – that alone is a HUGE subject … And when the traffic you paid for is not converting good enough you may have to change all of your pages again. (Assuming the traffic source is right) So it takes time and hard work – You know the saying maybe: If somebody got rich overnight he worked hard on the daytime! … I love it

So, yes it is possible to learn all this and build a profitable online business that´s working for you 24/7 – no matter where you are, but you have to give yourself some time! If it runs, it makes money on autopilot – but the Gurus are not telling you that it can take years to get there!

If there is a shortcut to success it´s one thing: learn from somebody who already achieved what you want to achieve. That is what I did with my coach and that´s what you can do with this blog – and of course my mentor and I are always there for you if you have questions…

I truly believe, that if you help other people to reach their goals, you reach your own goal a lot easier and quicker. That is the reason why I created this site. I truly want to help you. I know what I did to go the road to success and I know the roadblocks that I had to move aside to continue. If I can take away some of your roadblocks I will be more that happy!

What I like the most about internet-marketing is, that it´s full of win-win-situations. We can reach so much more together. I hope you and me can do something together and benefit both from what we do.

Thank you my friend,